50 Reasons Why to Front Squat

This list has been comprised of the very best 50 comments on our Facebook page

http://www.facebook.com/getstrength) on why you must Front Squat.

Front squatting is still one of the most beneficial Exercise you can prescribe for yourself or Clients/Athletes.

The King of exercises –

So here goes!


  1. The ultimate exercise for posterior chain and quad development.
  2. The Front Squat teaches muscle awareness.
  3. Huge upperback development
  4. Gains in flexability and mobility
  5. The best core strengthening exercise you can do.
  6. You will get stronger
  7. You will get bigger
  8. You will get leaner
  9. You will get faster
  10. You will not end up looking like a parking meter
  11. Follow gym members will respect you
  12. You will have to squat
  13. Huge power gains
  14. No need to waste your time with Leg Extensions ( Life is to short)
  15. Your chest and biceps will get a rest
  16. you don’t need a mirror
  17. Increased stabilisation through the lowerbody
  18. Assists in increasing leg drive on conventional deadlifts
  19. you can use a variety of equipment
  20. chicks dig it
  21. Helps with the full clean
  22. Helps strength in contact when carrying ball in both codes of Rugby IMO given where you carry the weight is usually the point of contact.
  23. Great for atlas stone assistance work.
  24. I train at home in the garage, don’t have a leg press handy so it’s front squats for quads after conventional squats
  25. Upright position makes for big transfer in vertical jumping Variation
  26. Can be used as a max effort tester lift without having to max out on Back Squats (front squat PR normally means back squat PR – at least to the Novice-intermediate lifter)
  27. Sport specific squats for Olympic Weightlifters
  28. Ankle stability – for those with problems with shifting their weight back and forth when squatting
  29. You get to wear weightlifting shoes!
  30. Effectively targets the Rectus femoris
  31. You can dump the bar if you get in trouble.
  32. Improves hip drive on Thrusters and Kettlebell Swings
  33. It adds more variety to your work out. Phil Heath Mr. Olympia says they’re essential!
  34. Targets the quads more than the glutes, monstor wheels!
  35. Using the GS front squat harness you can still squat if you have a chest or arm injury.
  36. Has the greatest carry-over of functional strength of all the slower lifts, which in turn translates to the fast lifts well
  37. Illicit’s a tremendous neuroendocrine response
  38. Sprint faster! Front squat strength carries over to better performance in most sports
  39. No strain on the lower neck, upper thoraxics.
  40. What about old guys like me (68) with bad knees, backs and shoulders? Is there a light weight solution for us?
  41. The coordination is difficult enough so that it tests and improves your determination and concentration.
  42. less of a chance for back injury
  43. high rep front squats have made a huge impact on my leg development and overall strength/endurance
  44. Because I can use dumbbell front squats!
  45. Far less spinal compression for those of us with disc issues
  46. improves posture and spinal alignment.
  47. Because bitches be crazy! Quad power to get away from your irate Mrs after a big night out with the boys!
  48. teaches me to come out of the hole head first,not hips first
  49. Because if you dont squat you can not say you train hard
  50. It’s juts a ding donged good exercise, that’s why. . . . .And because I said so, now shut up and do two more!

Reference – http://www.facebook.com/getstrength/posts/10150983593717397?notif_t=like

Thanks to all our Facebooks Fans for helping us put this great list of reasons why you must front squat together.

Stay Strong,

Steve Thompson

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