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I just got the harness.

Feb 08,  by Park F

I just got the harness. This thing is freaking awesome! I did five sets with a weight that I struggled to do three sets with last week, and it was easy. I’m 53 and my shoulders aren’t strong. I had reached the point where controlling the bar was becoming the limiting factor. Now I can focus on the quads, gluteus, erectors etc. Thank you.

“Best Purchase Of Year”

Dec 21,  by GARY RUSSELL

This is the best thing I have bought in years
for my home gym..I always look forward too a session working my legs using this unique device…Money well spent!!!!

To the point

Nov 20, by John rahme

The front squat-zercher harness is not a tool or a luxury, IT’S A MUST for any strength and conditioning coach wanting to enhance the performance of their athlete.


Nov 17,  by Matt Barnes

I’ve had the GetStrength FSH for a while now but it has really come into it’s own over the last year or so as it has let me keep squatting while I have been trying to recover from tears in both shoulders. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to squat at all. There’s no stress on the shoulders with the harness which makes it ideal if you have shoudler problems or want to avoid shoulder problems. Awesome product!!

Nov 17,  by roger hall

Wish I had the FRONT SQUAT ZERCHER HARNESS 35 yrs. ago.Used to do a lot of Power squats & some front, came down with arthritis in knees when I was 50.Real bad stiffness in left.Started doing front & zerchers to a box gradually working my depth. Going below parallel now. Almost 58 & I can see myself getting strong again. That you for product!!!!

Front Squat Harness Review

Nov 07,  by Bill Sintic

I’m 73 years old & have worked out over 60 years. Never did front squats or zerchers before. Due to a shoulder injury I have some limitations. It feels more comfortable doing zerchers with the squat harness.

Front Squat Zercher Harness

Nov 05,  by Sam Langston

I have always liked the results in my legs from doing front squat. However the struggle and pain in my shoulders always kept me from pushing it as hard as I wanted. The Front Squat Zercher Harness has made the difference. No more struggling to keep the bar in place, no more shoulder pain, and I have more than doubled the weight that I use to do front squats. Highly recommend!


Nov 04,  by Geoff Hamp

There is no better way to target the front of your legs than the GetStrength zercher harness. Forget leg extensions – Zercher squats target deep muscle tissue, and focusses the intensity on the quads, whilst keeping your spine in line with the ankle, and providing comfort across the shoulders. An excellent product.

Front Squat Harness

Nov 04,  by Sean Nixon

Awesome product! In my first session using the Front Squat Harness, I demolished all of my previous front squat PB’s. This harness allows me to really work my legs and core as it eliminates points of weakness around wrist/shoulder/tricep flexibility. Buy this product and you wont be disappointed!

Zercher Harness

Nov 04,  by Ben Ruth

The front squat harness is absolutely great. It’s the best piece of equipment I have in my home gym. With only a month’s use so far, I’m easily stronger and more explosive in my lower body than I have ever been before. I am looking forward to getting back on the rugby pitch because I am certain my play has improved. Thanks again,

Awesome Product

Nov 04,  by John Alder

The harness allows the lifters to use weights, that can actually tax their legs and core. Without the harness the weak link in both Zercher’s and Front Squats is the ability to hold the weight, not the strength of the legs and core. The Harness also allows novice, and young lifters to learn how to develop proper squat form, and depth, without putting weight on their backs. I love the product, wish I had bought it years before. Its well worth the money! Superior workmanship and very quick shipping!!